Questions we have been asked to date

We will start to update this page as your questions come in. So please feel free to contact Phil via email phil@climbingfish.com and you will get a personal answer.   

1. Q: is it LinkedIn meets HowAboutMe?

A: It's definitely not LinkedIn (resume free zone - you describe yourself in 300 characters and 3 books that realy influenced who youy are, nothing googlable.)  And the HowAboutWe is more about great experience and finding a single match.  We want to help people build a network of substance for future growth, over a coffee once every two weeks (20-30 new people a year).  

2. Q: I am concerned about my confidentiality. How closed is climbing fish? 

A: Climbing Fish first and foremost is a connection service but its a member introduce member service not a free for all. For example you cant search for particular members. We also just use first names and location in the intro and when members sign up they agree to the Shoal Rules that says they will respect the confidentiality of the conversations. 

3. Q: Why one to one meetings and not Groups?

A: Because we believe that the best conversations are one on one where neither have something to prove. Three's a crowd. But always open to suggestions. Get in touch. 

4. Q: I am outside of NYC but am interested in this service, what can i do?

A: Well you can either move to NYC or if that's not possible just register your interest by clicking the link below and once we have enough people in your area we will open up a branch. Drop us a line if you are personally keen to promote Climbing Fish in your area and we may be able to accelerate things. Contact us or just fill out your details.