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Image result for huffington post'In a perfect world, there would be a website that individually handcrafts introductions to connect people willing to meet others that could enrich their lives. If you live in NYC, this site actually exists. It's called Climbing Fish and their vision of connecting is in complete alignment with my intent'.  Mark Karten - Huffington Post: 07/15/2014 Click for full article

What members have said ...

SAY: Just wanted to let you know K__ and I met this afternoon and had a lovely conversation. I'm still touch with D___ and supporting each other and M___ and I are planning to meet sometime in October when his schedule clears. Thanks for these connections!

AH: My experience with Climbing Fish was incredible. I think it's an amazing idea, and I'm still connecting with the folks that I met. Climbing Fish truly built community, a rare and extraordinary important thing to do. 

RM: Traditional social media sites focus more on "This is who I am!" (Facebook) or "This is what I am!" (LinkedIn)...the thing I love most about Climbing Fish is that it compels us to zero in on "This is why I am!?". "The world needs live arts-integrated into daily life" sheds light on your "Why I am". Going through life without answering the why, is almost like deciding to walk from New York to San Francisco without a compass (in a world with no maps/GPS etc., of course). It's relatively easy to figure out the "who" and "what" question but figuring out the "why" is difficult and too many people live lives where the why, who, and what are out of sync. Thus, ClimbingFish is basically a social media website for those of us who have either discovered or are discovering the "Why I am" question.

Einsteins Advice

MB: Hi Phil, Just wanted to circle back. I had coffee with ____ the other day. Great chap, thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. May be some opportunities to collaborate in the future. And my most recent Climbing Fish meeting (____) was another "out of the park" home run hit..... Cheers, M__

NJ: Been using your system for a few months now and think its great. interesting meetings with people I would have never come across in my normal day.

HG: My 'big break'... was down to climbing fish. I was introduced to a woman through climbing fish who has an incredible story herself - she is Canadian and had worked in teaching and learning centres in Canada. She assumed she could get a job in one here in the UK, but when she arrived there wasn't one in the nearby uni- so she suggested to them that she could set one up for them. And she did! What was really special for me about my first session was that the opportunity had come from her and she was there in the session. It's hard to explain what I think one of her talents is but I think she has something really special about her and great skills related to coaching and helping people to get on and do what they really want to do (even though she wasn't formally trained as a coach when I met her). So it wasn't just great doing what I want to do that was great, it was also's hard to put into words but also experiencing the motivating and supportive energy of someone like her throughout the process. She is planning a new venture to go alongside her academic work and I was just thinking that's why Climbing Fish is so exciting for me, not only is it exciting doing your own thing, but it's such a buzz hearing about how other people are being drawn towards expressing their talents. I think she could really help businesses get on and make changes which would make everyone's working life better.

HG: I am totally blown away by this idea, it's beyond genius! It's such a powerful idea. I've already felt Climbing Fish has changed my life.

Twitter remarks 

M.Guay: "Climbing Fish is one of the most brilliant simple ideas I've come across" 

aliciainthecity: "Just got home from my first @ClimbingFish meeting. Very fun experience! Thanks @philobr for getting me involved. Next is in a few weeks"

M. Tousi: "This is seriously a brilliant idea. congratulations" 

P. Sadron: "I really like your concept. No algorithms. Brilliant"  

@sign: "Had my second @ClimbingFish encounter yesterday... adding some #serendipity back into my filtered and optimized life"

NY reaction: "I love the video. Social Actualizers is fantastic. Great term"

Anon: "I love the climbing fish metaphor. I'm going to steal it"